Thuis & Uit Zuidoost

Identity for City Marketing Campaign
Amsterdam&partners / Amsterdam City counsel

For the Amsterdam Southeast Neighborhood we've created a new identity. The concept is a personal story being brought up in the Bijlmer. The main idea is that the Bijlmer (Amsterdam South East) is more than Amsterdam. It is Amsterdam 'plus'. Many people who live there have the feeling they are Surinam, Antillian, Ghanese, or even Polish, etc. Amsterdammers. The identity is based upon that idea. You make it your own Amsterdam. Next to that the identity is very much influenced by Surinam culture. During the 80's the Bijlmer was almost seen as the capital of Surinam. Using the mamjo culture we've created a 'Bijlmerkleed' (a Bijlmer quilt) combining all cultures together for showing the multicultural essence of the neighborhood.

We've created a system where the flag of Amsterdam (rotated 90 degrees) can be colored with your own national colors. The label Zuidoost (South east) has an editorial edit above it. It can be your South East, 'My happy South East', 'Greetings from South East', 'I love South East', etc. This can all be written in your own language with the only thing remaining is the word Zuidoost.

We've created a website for South East which is currently edited by the city marketing organization Zuidoost City. They are responsible for the execution of our marketing strategy. We gave Zuidoost City their own version of the design. We hope to see the development soon.