Dutch Lion design / 2014
client: KNVB

When I had the opportunity to design the Dutch national jersey the first thing to explore was to put a full lion back on the shirt replacing the corporate KNVB logo. With a go from Nike we presented the KNVB that the ideal momentum to bring back the Dutch Lion was the 125 year anniversary of the federation in 2014.

I wanted to create a unique lion according to heraldic rules. Inspired by the KNVB lions of the past as well as the history of the national and royal lion, the new lion related to them all but doesn't bear any attributes; the crown, the sword and arrow bundle are deliberately left out. The peaceful, flamboiant and youthfulness of the 70's KNVB lion had a dominant influence on this, it fits the idea a movement forward and was made white instead of the older black ones.

Currently the lion is an image logo and the main element of the Oranje brand.