KNVB Beker

Graphic Identity Dutch cup tournament

The Dutch cup needed a new identity close to the design we've created for the Dutch federation. We worked with the pentagon and the 'cup colors' blue and silver, the metal the cup is made of.

We design the full scope: campaign material promoting the games on and offline, the stadium design, press material, ticketing and all material needed for broadcasting by FOXSports.

The design lasted for one season as in 2018 a new sponsor was added to the name. During the 100 years jubilee season 2017-2018 another identity was introduced as the tournament was called the TOTO KNVB Beker. The anniversary was celebrated with a golden cup. We changed all the backdrops and introduced a pattern print to the design. This all meant that the project lasted for two years before the final identity was up and running. Starting off with the clean blue and silver, transferring into the TOTO initiation of green into the design, continuing with a golden cup during the anniversary and finally working with a somewhat compromising blue, silver, green at this point.