celebrating 750 years of Amsterdam

In 2025 the City of Amsterdam celebrates its 750th birthday. All citizens can be part of this celebration especially by producing a 'gift to the city'. Locals are able to request a grand to give back to their neighborhood. For Stichting Amsterdam 750 we've created a living campaign by portraying groups of people who received the grand and explaining you and me you can do the same. We've made these people the 'Kado's van de stad' (gift to the city) by dressing them in our Amsterdam 750 gift paper.

Most projects are about local activities. It can be a sport, food, storytelling, educational or historically related project. All attendees receive their own videoclip to promote what they do. These videos are low key and open to get close to the community. The videos are made together with Roderik Rotting. Each district of Amsterdam will be part of the campaign.

Join the project, still possible, check the site.