Bout It

Journalists from the streets of the Bijlmer and Bulawayo
client: OSCAM

"Hip hop is more than music: it is both a form of personal expression and shared culture. Hip-hop is global and local, from the avenues in Harare and Bulawayo to the Bijlmer in Amsterdam. The culture is extremely popular on a world scale and throughout all socio-economic backgrounds but is often misunderstood within the world of art and culture. Placing hip-hop in a museum creates a space for interesting cross-fertilization between two seemingly different worlds of art. The global becomes local, the personal becomes cultural, and the audible becomes visual." - OSCAM

Bout it connects local Hip Hop artists with their (old) neighborhood. In 2018 we worked on the first edition of Bout it as exhibition designers but for the second one we were asked to do the entire project. We talked, photographed and portrayed the artists of the Bijlmer and at the same time Zimbabwean photographer KB Mpofu did the same in his city Bulawayo. The exhibition we designed for OSCAM shows the artists life size and their personal stories are published in a newspaper/magazine.

BOUT IT #2 is a joint exhibition by OSCAM, Magamba Network, and TopNotch.
Curators: Marian Duff & Souf Kinani
Participating artists NL:
Chivv, Yung Nnelg, Giefa Sparkle, Jordymone9, and Sor
Participating artists ZWE:
Asap, Thug, Sibo FlySoul, Msiz’kay, and Natasha Muz